"The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself.

The challenge is to silence the mind"

~Caroline Myss

Awaken to your Soul's Power

Learn and Connect with the Divine Power that exists within YOU! 


Align with you Soul's Purpose

Become Clear and Directed toward Your Purpose!


Embody Your Soul Signature

Learn to live your life through your Greatest Gift...The Uniqueness of You!


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Transpersonal Healing Sessions

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Ready to BREAK FREE From Unhealthy Patterns, HEAL Trauma, and LIBERATE Your Life? 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing tool used to access the deepest parts within your Self and your Soul. Learning to access your Greater Self gives YOU the power to transform your life and go beyond coping to true HEALING of what holds you back from living the life you want! 

Using Regressive Therapies in a safe and loving healing experience gives you control over your life and provides resources that will Empower, Transform, and Elevate your Life! 

Dive within your Self and into your Greatest Healing Power!


Put the Power of Healing in Your Hands and Connect DIRECTLY with your Soul's Intelligence!

A completely Soul Directed healing experience, BreathTherapy uses Conscious Connected breathing rhythms to access the depth of the non-conscious parts of you. 

BreathTherapy engages the body, mind, and spirit and gives you the tools to heal on all levels. 

Using the Power of Breath in this highly personal and experiential process, you are able to release repressed emotions, establish a deeper level of spiritual connection, and bring physical healing to the body.

Breathe YourSelf into Balance and Healing! 

RoHun Therapy

Remove Blocks, Release Unhealthy Thought Constructs, and create Lasting Change! 

RoHun is an inter-personal therapy accessing your spiritual strength to clear, heal, and reprogram unhealthy cellular memory. An energy based method of healing, RoHun uses the electromagnetic field around you to access and bring balance to all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). 

Combining transpersonal psychology with shamanic practices, this healing experience takes you into the depths of your Soul's Capacity to Heal!

Fully Awaken to your Authenticity and Power!

Past Life Regression

Curious about Your Past Life Influences?  Ready to Heal the Patterns of Life that are keeping you in a Quantum Loop? 

The Soul's History is vast and runs the spans of millennia! We are SO much more than this life presents! Often our previous life decisions, events, and trauma follow us through the course of our lives as reminders that we have Unfinished Business!

Clearing these Karmic Wounds liberates us to move forward in this life and beyond as we become more in line with our Soul's purpose and clear the patterns that hold us back! 

Gain an understanding of who you ARE by uncovering your Soul's journey!

Explore Your Past Beyond this Life!

Ready to Unleash Your Soul's Fire?


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