I am here as a magnifying glass to support you in finding what is blocking love, and joy from flowing in your life. 

One of my super powers?

I can pick up on fear - I can hear, see and feel the vibrations of fear and unworthiness in the unconscious.

The unconscious is driving the life. And when we don't know this... the unconscious is steering the ship. 

I am here to support you in seeing into the darkness. I am not afraid of your rage, trauma, or fear... I am here to walk through the depths of hell WITH you as a rock, a support system and as a part of your team.

I don't heal you. I am not the guru. I help YOU to see your own inner power.

I am here to remind you of the power of choice. 


When you learn this - life stops happening to you, and you get into the flow of life. 

My goal for everyone is to step more fully into love. The kind of love that brings about change and empowerment.

I help you love your darkness. And not just accept it. But to truly stop hiding from it, or hiding it. Because all that does is creates shame. 

We change your perspective - which in turn changes your reality forever. 

Because we become more aware, and awake, our reality aligns with who we truly are. 

This is when things truly become less stressful. This isn't about not having obstacles in your life, or becoming fearless. 

This is about how to rise when these things come up - instead of going into the unconscious, the addictions, the shame, the fear.

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox. But so does everyone else. When I am sitting with someone, I have this ability to call out what you are hiding, because I see it too. 

A lot of people get afraid or avoid this work, because you are being seen and you can not keep hiding. I have the ability to be WITH you in your trauma, wounding and fear so that we cultivate a safe space for you to explore the illusions you might be living in, faulty thoughts, unhealthy protectors or behaviors, and unhealthy beliefs of yourself.  

The clinical world tells me to give you a diagnosis of “you are sick” - but the truth is, you are not wrong; you are not sick - you are the creator and authority of your world. 

We replace the ego mindset with your soul being the one that guides you. Everything that you believe in starts to flow through you. 

This is about compassion, and creating a safe container to unravel the fullest aspects of yourself. I don't care what you have done - and there is nothing on this planet worth being stuck over. There is no trauma that can not be healed. There is no past mistake that can not be alchemized and forgiven. 

I see the greater self, and the ability to see this inside of you that you can not see yet. We take off the masks, break down the walls, and reignite the fire and the possibilities that lie within your soul. And then you get to choose. Do you want to be your greater self, or do you want to stuck? But you can only do this once you SEE.

I am not going to let you off easy.

Because I refuse to listen to the idea that you could be unworthy, unable, broken. All of that is your wounding, and none of that is who you are... 

I am a collaborator in your healing. 

I am not the expert on you. I am an expert in techniques, spiritual abilities, and skills…. But YOU are the only one who can make this choice. 

We heal through the community. We heal through truth-telling. We heal through connection. 

When you walk away, you will have the TOOLS to be able to heal yourSELF. 

This is empowering work. 

If you are stuck you understand that you are the one creating it. You have the ability, and authority to move. 

I help You illuminate the roadmap within yourself, to where you are going next. Your roadmap is unique to you - and you are the only one who holds this key. I just help you to find it. 

When you work with me, you work with ME. In front of me. In my energy. Be it in groups or 1:1. If you want the full experience - I would love to support you.