I’ll show you how to #FearHack Life to Align with your Soul's Purpose, Ignite Self Love + Magnetism & Unleash the Soul's Fire!

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This is not just another class or program...THIS is Conscious Soul School!

Discover Your Soul Signature

This program offers a mix of teaching, meditation, experiential processes, Shamanic healing, and instruction to hand the keys to your healing and life directly to YOU!

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Awaken Your Soul

Many of us are aware we have a Soul - the Energy that is unique to us, that fuels, informs, and connects us to the Spiritual and Energetic world....But for most of us, that part is Asleep in the Background. 

In part One of The Conscious Soul School you will Discover the full potential of this Powerful part of your Nature so you can begin to Awaken to your True Self!

Align with Your Soul

Now that the Soul is Awakened within You, the Journey steps up into Aligning with the Energy that fuels your Life Path and  your Life Experiences through One-on-One Coaching! 

Connect and Trust your Intuition, Release Blocks to a Direct Communication with your Soul, Discover your Truth and your Purpose, and Align with the Greatest part of Your Self.

Embody Your Soul

Complete your Journey with a Powerful, Restorative and Transformational Retreat Experience and Emerge in Full Alignment with your True Self.

Living a Liberated and Peace-filled life comes when we Embody our True Self and our Divine Power. We are Creators, Innovators, and Game Changers. Imagine what you can Create as Your True Self!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Melissa Shakti, Ascension Coach and Shamanic Practitioner.

Blending my over 20 years of experience in the world of psychotherapy and counseling with my extensive Spiritual Training and Growth allows me to Coach you beyond what is traditionally seen in the coaching and counseling worlds

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