"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are"

~Carl Jung


Thank you for taking the time to watch! Let's take the next step on your Journey together!

What does "Shakti" mean anyway? 

In its simplest definition, Shakti is the Fire of the Divine that runs through us ALL. 

I received the name "Shakti" while with a spiritual teacher and mentor many years ago. The name was given as a way to bring forth that which I came here to be and do while on earth. The energies represented in the name allow me to utilized the best aspects of my Soul Signature and Personality while learning to harness and transform obstacles to my Path. 

Shakti - is the primordial, sacred force of cosmic energy represented in the Divine Feminine which moves through all creation -- the spark that IS Life Force Energy -- the spark of Awakening and True Power 

Through the integration of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, we create a holy union within the Self which allows us ALL to realize our Full Potential! This is your Divine Inheritance....this is how we are all meant to life and flourish! 

Melissa Shakti


Shamanic Practitioner

Born and raised in the South has been one of the biggest influencers of my Journey! 

Beginning with a Foundation in the teachings of the Christ Consciousness and blending my years of training and experience in the world of Energy and Spiritual Healings, I have a unique and powerful way in working with the Subtle Energy Field, the Mind and the Heart of my clients! 

Shamanic Practitioners are those who interact as a guide between the spiritual world and the human world as a way to assist individuals in realizing their true power and learn to utilize energies for the purpose of healing and awakening.

Mix a little Southern Charm and Spice with a connection to the Inner Worlds of the Non-conscious, throw in a deep comfort exploring the Spiritual Realms....and you get me....Melissa Shakti 

Ascension Focused Coach

Coaching that Goes Beyond the Personality (ego) and Connects you Directly with your Soul (spirit)! 

Blending over 20 years of experience in the world of psychotherapy and counseling with my extensive spiritual training and growth allows me to Coach you beyond what is traditionally seen in the coaching and counseling worlds. 

I coach at the level of Unity Consciousness...the Truth of who you are to LIFT and SHIFT your life through the power you already have INSIDE OF YOU! 

I have degrees, accolades, accomplishments, and certifications. And if you are interested in those details I am happy to share! Just ask! 

However, what I would rather share is this....I want you to see me as a Soul on this planet whose mission is to Shine a Light toward all those seeking as we Awaken Together! 

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