Policies and Services Agreement

A personal note...

Hi, I am absolutely thrilled to bring you into my inner circle of coaching clients.

My coaching practice is built on the premise that you already have the tools, the internal compass, and the ability to transform your life within you and your relationship. The coaching process is a series of powerful exercises that will remove blocks, access your inner power, remove limiting beliefs, deepen intimacy & trust, and point you in the direction of the life & relationship you are meant to have.

To bring our “best selves” into the coaching relationship, it is important that we share the same understanding about how we will work together and
what is expected. Provided below are the policies and boundaries to ensure an experience of success and integrity. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to our Collaboration.

XoXo, Melissa Shakti


Information below is intended as your guide and structure for working with Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC.

By hiring Melissa Shakti as your Coach you agree to adhere to the boundaries and policies below.

These policies and boundaries serve to create spiritual, emotional, and physical integrity for all parties. Policies are updated as needed to align with the needs of our clients and Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC.

Melissa Shakti Coaching programs include webinars, live events, scheduled
sessions, groups, 1:1 coaching, and more. Policies apply to any activity or event scheduled under Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC

All coaching services delivered by Melissa Shakti are meant to
challenge, uplift, and support clients emotionally and psychologically.

However, coaching is not psychotherapy. If you feel psychologically stressed to the point that it is disrupting your ability to function, please
seek help in the form of a professional counselor. While Melissa has an extensive psychotherapy background, clients are entering a coaching

Coaching is a potentially powerful alliance designed to help clients remove barriers in the way of achieving specific, identified goals.

Coaching may address specific personal projects, life successes, and/or general conditions in a client's life.

Coaching services are not direct advice. They may include values clarification, brainstorming, examining patterns of thinking, habits,
identifying plans of action, the asking of clarifying questions and the making of empowering requests

Clients understand and agree that they are fully responsible for their well-being during, after and between coaching calls.

Clients are responsible for any and all choices and decisions made.

Melissa Shakti understands that clients will receive what they invest into their program in the forms of time, energy, effort, and finances. Each
program has clearly defined commitments and investments as outline during registration. Clients agree to complete their selected program in
its entirety and meet all financial obligations.

Melissa Shakti Coaching offers a 24 hour “change of heart” grace and reconsideration period beginning on the date of initial payment and enrollment of any program. Clients electing to withdraw within 24 hours will receive a full refund minus an applicable third party merchant fees.

Any client wishing to withdraw enrollment from any program at any time, must submit a request in writing to [email protected].
Clients enrolled in 1:1 coaching are required to schedule and complete a “Healthy Closure and Completion Session” as part of the cancelation
and refund guarantee.

Clients who elect to withdraw prior to program completion will receive a pro-rated refund minus $1000 (or half of program value)

Clients enrolled in monthly recurring programs may request cancelation
and withdrawal thirty (30) days prior to their renewal date. Any request submitted after the thirty day window will be granted cancelation after the coming cycle.

Clients who fail to remit required payments on time and have not corrected the issue in a prompt manner may be paused or canceled services until the remaining balance is paid in full.

All scheduled sessions require a 24 cancelation notice.

Sessions canceled within this period may be rescheduled. Any session canceled
in under 24 hours may not be eligible for reschedule and may be forfeited. Any missed session as a no-show will be forfeited and not be

Sessions may be scheduled at the client’s convenience and in
accordance with program guidelines. Scheduling links are found in the private booking link sent via email upon registration.

Clients receive a Zoom link via email after scheduling confirmation.

Reminder emails and/or text messages are sent within 24 hours of the
upcoming appointment. Local clients may utilize in-person sessions when available. Requests for in-person sessions can be selected during scheduling.

Requests are not guaranteed and will be confirmed within 48 hours of appointment.

All conversations during coaching sessions are confidential and
protected as such. Information will be shared outside of sessions only with client written consent or in the event of a Court Order. However, confidentiality is limited to state and federal laws regarding mandated reporting and intent to harm self or others.

Melissa Shakti agrees to fully protect your information unless obligated by law.

Melissa Shakti Coaching often promotes clients results in the
form of testimonials on social media and other marketing outlets.

Full consent will be obtained prior to promoting any client identifiable information such as names or identifiable details. Melissa Shakti Coaching occasionally shares images and videos from programs for promotion and marketing that may include your likeness. However, client names will only be used with expressed consent.

Clients who are given access to a password protected portal agree to the following:

Access to the Portal is for current clients only. Providing access to any individual not currently enrolled in a program will result in immediate cancellation of granted access.

Materials and experiences provided during any Melissa Shakti Coaching program are proprietary and should not be copied, released, or otherwise taught/distributed by any person not approved by Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC.
Retreats are available as part of Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC.

Location, dates, and times of retreats will be determined and may vary throughout the year. While we make every effort to maintain scheduled dates, retreat dates are subject to change within 60 days of the event.

Travel expenses, such as airfare, are not included in program fees.

Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC does not provide text or telephone support as part of any program. Programs that include Voxer coaching as part of the services may utilize this feature for support, to share successes, or as check-ins and questions.


Voxer connections are available most Monday - Friday 10a-6p central (other times as
available). Voxer should never be used for emergencies or.

Melissa Shakti Coaching, LLC does not make any claims or guarantees for cure of any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. Clients
understand that full participation in their program is required for success.

Melissa Shakti holds clients as fully capable of reaching goals and experiencing transformation on all levels.