You deserve a day of Soul Care 


We have such active lives. Between our families, our careers, our passions, and even our hobbies, often we neglect to set aside time just for us.

We make plans, we have hopes, and we set aspirations.

One of the things we often do is set out to take better care of ourselves.

We think about things like going to the gym more often, going to the spa, shifting our nutritional goals, and perhaps even reading a couple of those books we’ve been meaning to get to on shelf.

No matter what your aspirations are, or how you are intending to support your energy, it is important that we all take care of our Soul. 

That we nurture our inner self and connect into this space regularly and fully.

As part of that commitment, throughout the year I am opening the healing room at Conscious Healing Therapies (Tupelo, MS) for an in-person event.

Each Soul Spa Saturday is a space for YOU.

A space where you get to spend a few hours connecting with the greatest part of yourself, your Soul. 

When: August 5th - 10 am to 3 pm CT. 

Save the date: September 9, 2023

Additional dates may be added.
 Stay Connected & Join Us within The Collective

Where: Conscious Healing Therapies 302 S. Spring Street, Tupelo MS, 38804.

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I am honored and grateful to share this healing and sacred space with you.  



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Within this collective space you will experience invitations for personal reflection, guided and silent meditation, contemplative "Soul Journaling" exercises, yoga, and a variety of other soothing, relaxing, soul focused experiences varied,  facilitated and held with great love. 

 To bring completion to each spa day, receive a transformational and spirituality deepening breathwork session as we bring harmony, restoration, peace, and love into your energy field and physical body. 

 Your level of experience with any of these modalities or techniques does not matter.

What matters is that you come open, you come in need of respite, or simply in need of healing.  

This is a space for you. 

 And I am honored to bear witness, to support, to hold, and to also receive with you and through you.  

The investment is minimal, and the reward is limitless. 

So come and join me for a few hours on Saturday, August 5th.

I welcome the opportunity to sit with you.